A sustainable presence for a Greener World

Our green line offers a sustainable and low-waste branding solution for businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their zero-emission target

Sustainable Branding

Feeling the essence of responsibility towards our planet, and complying with the relevant environmental legislation in the EU and Sweden, we launched our sustainable branding line.

In this line, we feel free to share our deep concerns with you about global warming and climate change.


We are proud to declare that our two locations in Sweden are renewable energy powered

Feel the relief of having your branded business cards, flyers, catalogues, banners, company flags, product packages, and paper bags made of recycled, biodegradable, and non-toxic materials.
with our Green line, you can order your brand merchandise in a biodegradable and recyclable form too.
not only this, we can calm your environmental conscious when knowing all paper prints are made with 100% green energy.


Our environment-friendly printing practices

Sustainability contributes to the equivalent of 1,500 football
pitches planted daily in Europe

Cepi Key Statistics 2020

What Is PCR

Post-Consumer recycled is made from materials that were used before and recycled such as plastic or paper. These materials can be collected from your manufacturing process leftover scraps that were cut during the making and that did not make it to consumers. PCR Content repurposing minimizes the use of raw material making a general saving on natural resources and energy.


What Is Eco Printing?

Greener printing is the application of eco-friendly initiatives and making a conscious decision to opt for nonpolluting alternatives when it comes to printing and supplies. This includes choosing the right printer, water-based sustainable ink, paper stocks from sustainable resources, labels, cartridges, and other sustainable printed materials.

The Importance of Sustainable Branding

Your decision to make environmentally-friendly printing can help protect our planet, decrease your carbon footprint, waive health risks from toxic exposures, and also help improve the efficiency of your business. Some eco-friendly printing alternatives can help increase the life of the supplies used.

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